Do you often enjoy betting on sports where athletes display jaw-breaking speed? There’s nothing as exciting as watching talented athletes charge at each other with big hits. Football isn’t the only sport that offers this thrilling experience. The rugby world cup is underway, and the excitement is beyond words. Watching the game is phenomenal. Betting on it is epic. However, not everybody knows how to bet on this game. Here are vital tips to follow when betting on the rugby world cup

The basics 

When betting on sports, it narrows down to the fundamental steps. Betting on rugby is somewhat similar to football. You can either decide to bet on a point spread or a total. The total score or rugby version is that the ball has to touch down. The score is five points while the kick conversion is two points. When it comes to penalty points, 3 points apiece are worth.
In the rugby world cup, you can bet on many outcomes. You can gamble on the outright winners or each pool winners. During this continuing tournament, you can also try betting on the top overall scorers.

Key numbers 

In rugby, there are many similarities when it comes to scoring. The key figures play a critical role. However, there’s a significant difference. The kick conversion in the rugby game isn’t a sure thing. It’s quite the opposite of the extra point attempt in soccer.
In rugby, the kick has to become taken from a specific point. That is, within the field in a straight line starting from where the rugby ball touched down. Any player who scores close to the sideline it means the subsequent kick has to be near the sideline. It then forces the kicker to make a very long kick from a challenging angle position.
Another critical number in rugby is five. It’s a try without the conversion. You need to master the key figures that are between 3. 5 and 7


You can’t place a bet on a game in any gambling website including agen poker online without knowing the teams’ style of play. Some rugby teams have a fast-paced attacking mechanism. While others have a slow and detailed defense mechanism. They slow the rugby ball at the breakdown as well as grinds out winnings.
You need to be aware of any two mismatched opponents going head to head. It will enable you to have a favorite time to place a bet on in any game. Some teams play in following manners to inhibit turnovers or defense lapses. In such a scenario, the lower score always become a norm
When betting on the rugby world cup in various sites such as agen poker online, you need to know the teams playing. Be knowledgeable about the different nations’ championship history. Have information about South Africa, New Zealand, England, Ireland, Wales, Australia, France, and Scotland, among others. The recent trends will enable you to know how the countries play against their opponents. Thus, knowing which country has an upper advantage of emerging victorious. In the process, you can walk away with loads of cash.  
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