Games are fun as they are, but there are people who give additional value to them by creating content on platforms such as YouTube and Twitch, and providing educational/fun videos for their audience. 
Some of the content creators mainly focus on helping you improve your skills, while others are purely oriented towards fun and trolling. The list can be pretty long, but in this article we will mention only a few of them. 
If you are not watching NadeKing’s videos, then you are missing out a lot. As the name of his channel suggests, he mostly does tutorials on how to be better at throwing grenades. So far, he has covered every single map, and every single corner found on them. Day by day, he is finding new and creative ideas on how to efficiently fight your opponents with precise grenade throwing. 
Grenades are his specialty, but that is not the only subject of his videos. He also provides tutorials on the best camping spots, movement, crosshair placement, secret bangable spots on the maps, etc. Helping new and inexperienced players is what he is best at.
Occasionally, he creates funny videos which include professional players. In those, NadeKing is making fun of their fails with grenades, miscalculations, misplays, and overall mistakes they make. To compensate for it, he also makes videos with in-depth analysis of 200 IQ plays from the big tournaments and competitive matches.
If you haven’t already, be sure to check out his channel.
This is a YouTuber that deserves a lot of recognition for his work. He has three channels, each covering a different topic. Apart from CS:GO, on his second channel, 2kliksphilip, he has made funny videos about Skyrim.
On his third channel, however, the content is a bit more serious. He regularly covers every update that Valve makes in CS:GO, in detail. What were the minor/major changes? How are they going to affect the gameplay and players in the future? How do they compare to the previous state of CS:GO? He will answer all of these questions, and sometimes provide too much information (for a regular player to understand).
We don’t know for sure if Valve “hates” him for this, or if they truly appreciate his effort in pointing out what’s wrong with the game, and how it can be fixed, but we can hope that their relationship is a good one.
About the “bit more serious content” part… Well, apart from doing update reviews, he also makes entertaining content with funny face reveals, maps, workshops, and videos titled “Do Chickens Make CS:GO Literally Unplayable?” 
Overall, he is a content creator that you should definitely check out since you will surely find videos that will make you laugh, as well as learn something new. 
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