The English Premier League is just simply the top level of the English football system. The 2019-2020 EPL marks the 28th season of this event and as always, football fans are excited to see how this season unfolds itself.
The EPL has 20 football clubs competing this year and it is expected that the final fixture will be on May 17, 2020. Last season, Manchester United retained its Premier League title. They ended up having 98 points for the season.
Many exciting matches are already lined up and football fans are already feeling the intensity of this EPL’s season. If you haven’t been following the English Premier League, now would be a great time to start. Here are 5 reasons why you should follow this year’s EPL.

The action and drama

If you think watching football is just all about its players passing the ball around and ensuring they make the goals to win, then you’re mistaken. Every match can get really intense and you’ll actually see how passionate the players are with what they do.
Even the fans are passionate about this league too. Try watching a game in some pub or sports bar and you’ll experience how other people would really take this seriously. What’s really exciting about watching every single match is that it’s really hard to predict what the outcome will be.
You may think that one team is already winning in the first half, but despite the goals and strong play, there is still a big chance that the other team could catch up. A match is simply full of twists, drama, and action that you probably never expect in watching football.

Great rivalry matches

Speaking of drama, football fans are just always on the lookout when it comes to the matches where two rivals go head to head. This just makes the action and drama more intense and such matches are simply hard to miss.
Some of the well-known great rivalries of all time are Chelsea vs Tottenham Hotspur, Arsenal vs Manchester, Liverpool vs Manchester, and many more. Such rivalries are hard to avoid as a Premier League country alone has multiple teams competing.
London itself has six different clubs included in the Premier League. What’s really exciting is that these rivalry matches happen a lot during an entire season and so make sure to be present when one of these happens.

To play Fantasy Football

You can also enjoy watching football and the EPL better if you start your own Fantasy Team or League. Fantasy football is one of the reasons why many fans make sure that they follow each season of the EPL and the other leagues.
Fantasy football allows you to manage your own league or team and choose the players you want to compete with. This can be enjoyed as a form of entertainment or hobby, but some also play this to make serious money.
Pick 8 is a great site to check if you want to start playing Fantasy Football and if you want to make sure that you know everything about this season. It has the latest essential news that you need in order to keep track of the players in your team.

Team Changes

Aside from the actual matches, every season, football fanatics are also looking forward to seeing how players and even managers would do after moving to different teams. This is something very common each season and many people really talk about it.
For this season, three managers are already playing in different teams. Brighton now has Graham Potter who replaced Chris Hughton. Maurizio Sarri now manages Juventus after the successful year with Chelsea. Chelsea now has its former player, Frank Lampard as the manager. Newcastle’s ex-manager Rafa Benitez already left and now manages a Chinese Super League team.
For players, some of the biggest transfers that were really talked about this season are Harry Maguire’s transfer to Manchester United, Rodri’s switch to Atletico Madrid, and Aaron Wan-Bissaka’s transfer to Crystal Palace. 

New technology for this season

This season, in particular, is when the EPL will make use of VAR or Video Assistant Referee. The changes to the law of the game regarding this matter were already updated last June and many people are looking forward to seeing how that could help spot any anomalies within the match.
The VAR has been around for some time now, but this was never really used by the Premier League. It was only used by many to really hammer down some of the highlights of each match, and so it will be interesting to see how this will work for the Premier League.
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