Molly Mayne won a bronze medal in the Girls 200m Breaststroke at the Summer European Youth Olympic Festival (EYOF) in Baku on Wednesday.
The Templeogue Swimming Club swimmer qualified for the final with the third fastest time and held that position throughout the 200m contest.

Bringing home the goods #TeamIreland
Molly Mayne with the bronze medal that she won in the Girl’s 200m Breaststroke at the #EYOF2019
— Team Ireland (@TeamIreland) July 24, 2019

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“It feels great – I’m so happy it’s all I wanted, so it’s the best,” an elated Mayne said after the race. The Dubai based swimmer hadn’t realised she won the bronze on the lane, “At first I thought I was fourth but then I looked again and saw that I got the bronze and I was just so happy!”
Swimming a controlled race, Mayne said she executed the perfect plan:
“I went out efficient and controlled trying to build into the wall a little bit. My coach said my turns were the quickest, so I tried to keep that, and I worked my pull outs on every turn.  The second 50 I built it a bit, third 50 I pushed it and had a hard build, and the last 50 I just rang it back and gave it my all. On the third 50 I saw the girl next to me in lane two, I knew she was on my feet, so I just tried to get power out of every kick and gave it my all.”
Templeogue’s Molly Mayne delighted with her bronze medal. Credit: Eóin Noonan/Sportsfile.
Mayne’s bronze medal is Ireland’s second success in Baku following the gold medal-winning performance of Rhasidat Adeleke in the Girls 100m earlier this week.
The EYOF is a biennial European event for athletes aged 14-18 years. Team Ireland is represented this year by thirty-two athletes across five sports. The EYOF runs from 21 – 27 July.

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