According to SIPTU the FAI workers had to endure a pay cut at a time when the FAI had to fork out money to pay for John Delaney’s rent.
SIPTU Sport Organiser Denis Hynes speaking to RTE Sport said “FAI employees were enduring reductions in salary of between 10% and 15% , which were implemented on what was meant to be a temporary basis in 2012. “This issue has particularly incensed our members because when the cuts in their pay were originally imposed, John Delaney stated that he was taking a similar reduction in his earnings. He might have been better off with
He continued, “However, it would now seem to be the case that, in 2016, the FAI decided to reimburse the reduction in its CEO’s salary through a payment in kind on a large property.”Our members had to wait until January of this year to receive the final restoration of their pay after long and difficult negotiations between management and SIPTU representatives.” SIPTU have now called on the FAI to make a statement regarding its financial arrangements with John Delaney. They are also asking for them to explain it’s process on how they reimbursed Delaney for the 100,000 loan he gave the FAI. People would far rather a bet365 alternatív link than Delaney staying in his job.
Former Chief Executive of the FAI Fran Rooney has also came out and said the loan goes beyond the CEO Delaney, Speaking to RTE Morning Ireland he said “There’s been very little turnover. Basically, retirement dates have been adjusted so that certain individuals were able to stay longer than their original terms of office.” He also said also that Delaney should be moving away from the FAI not just to another role within the organisation.
On Saturday evening, just after the 1-0 win in Gibraltar, rumours spread that Delaney would be leaving his position as CEO. That was to be case but he was leaving it for another role in the organisation a newly created role as executive vice president. THE FAI in a statement said that his salary will be substantially reduced from his 360,000 euro a year CEO role.
It was reported on Sunday in the Sunday Times that Delaney had been living in a house rented by the FAI for 3,000 euro a month in addition to his salary.
Mr Rooney said the whole controversy “causes considerable disquiet to the public, particularly those who are forking out hard-earned money to go to games, people who are looking to build the game at grass-roots level.
“These are very serious issues to be addressed.
“It goes beyond John Delaney. There are questions for the entire board here to answer.”
Catherine Murphy TD also spoke on Morning Ireland and she highlighted that any organisation where the board answers to the CEO has a problem.
A new CEO is expected to be announced in April/May. Rea Walsh will act as interim CEO until then.
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