February is quite cold but not for Muldoon who was skilfully placing cones on a ground where Bristol Bears were going to up for their training. He is doing this for nine months working as defence coach on premiership side. He seems pretty happy and homey with this new setup.
The previous Connacht head has ever catching, inspirational existence which he had during his own playing days. While speaking to RTE sports he said, “This is positive for me that here people hardly recognise me, hence I am absolutely no body. I am doing my essay writing with more focus and concentration in this new setup”. Sportsmen often call analysing past games as essay writing.
“Actually sports icons are put on the pedestal, when you come here and roam around the street and nobody actually knows who this guys, its quite brilliant”.
Last year Bristol Bear are promoted and ranked latently at 10th place on the rundown. The men who played their crucial games for Connact 328 times have steep learning curve but there are new challenges Muldoon appreciating compliant with.
 “There are many things we should adopt, such as presentations, being planned and staying at office till 5 or 6 in evening when days become long here in morning.
“Down time become different when you are a sports man and keep this reality alive that it’s just yesterday when you were a player too.
“It’s a learning curve; it’s very hard when you quit playing and come to a profession which belongs to the same game. Actually these jobs require different strength and sportsmanship which is quite appreciative. I believe there are lot of things I learned during my career and I want to pass on to young players.”
Not much longer ago Muldoon was key member for Connacht team. In fact he needs to adapt the new role and setup very quick and keep remember that he is no more a player.
 “It’s quite odd to be on the other side, it’s all about a leader that transfer the best of his knowledge and talent, making sure that all the important boxes were checked and everyone is well prepared when the time comes.
“The main role of the coach is to keep all the players intact, making sure that players acquaint with the best game knowledge and skill set also have the clear game plans in their mind to execute at right time.
“Among others, major fright all the rugby players have in their mind is life post rugby and realistically I am always honest and positive to myself.
“Being a player I’ve know my limits, I always push myself up and up to the level of detriment of.
“This is a game of body and mind, at thirty I saw myself playing no longer as I think every year. Retirement at the age of 35 and going into a profession of coaching is always in my blood.
“Therefore it is not the exactly truthtest which some players might have in their mind and find it so hard.
“You still missing those lead players in the game, however I must admit that I am having good time on the other side.”
Head Coach of Bristol Bears Pat Lam didn’t spend longer time in west side as compare to Muldoon but even then he has a strong bonding with the team and was looking up for team improvement since he joined in year 2017.
Furthermore he stated that “It wasn’t about the game of rugby it was actually about the community and I am happy with Conancht, also 5 counties are coming together. When you put more into the player or community, more you will get back from them.
“Its very pleasing for me to observe what style and how they perform in rugby. He mentioned that experienced group of coaches and excellent staff for players are there to serve them. I personally monitor the results and having some players in my constant contact.”
Previously Lam was a teacher and during presentation his excellent communication skills were quite evident, having polished them in front of dozens of young children.
He understands well how to keep the interest of the players intact by keep motivating and encouraging them. Lam also very much clear about his players and know exactly how to achieve the maximum out of them.
Ian Madigan is that kind of player. After moving to Bordeaux he got the chance to perform from Ireland, but a year later when he landed in Bristol, he will consider him part of team Ireland as he is no more playing rugby at home Joe Schmidt.
“We have created rules for all the players which are very clear to them as all the players, not matter lan or Pacific Island boys Island boys, performance is the only indicator highlights you to play for your nation.
“Ian decided and reach here through France, so it is our prime obligation to appreciate him, encourage him and let him grow as a person and a good player. This is totally on him if he plays exceptionally, it will gives Joe a chance but what he has to do is to just play well.”
Madigan says that, “In France initially it was tough also it was the first time when the Autumn internationals introduce themselves also total number of Six Nations come around.” 
“It’s about coming in training and performing well as much as I can. When games come around we should try to perform our best.”
McPhillips is also member of this coaching community in Bristol Bears. He was brought over by Lam from Connacht, working as assistant coach. Like many other there are many differences while being into business with Irish team but he is actually enjoying it.
Phillips hold this view that relegation is the one of scariest word that always echo. He further added that, “I believe when in PRO 14 there are many young individuals being provided with chances as well as lot of free flowing rugby.