The Ireland Men’s 7s side won the Dubai 7s International Invitational Trophy at the Sevens Stadium in Dubai with a 28-21 win over South Africa 7s Academy.
Jordan Conroy scored a last gasp try at the death, with the sides level at 21-21, to hand Ireland Men’s 7s their first ever win at the tournament.
Ireland’s first 3 tries came from Conroy, John O’Donnell and Adam Leavy, with Billy Dardis scoring all 3 conversions.
The final score came from a well worked team try, which saw the ball claimed at lineout in the South African 22 by Harry McNulty, who fed Dardis who in turn moved the ball wide to Iwan Hughes. Hughes found Terry Kennedy in the centre of the field, who drew in the South African defenders before offloading to Conroy who powered through in the corner. Dardis added the touchline conversion to seal the victory.
Earlier in the day Ireland had beaten the French Military 7s 31-5 in the quarter-finals and beat Froggies Midi Olympique 38-7 in the semi-final.
They were 3 wins from 3 in the Pool stages, defeating Russia 45-0, ASC Dukla (Czech Republic) 36-5 and France 7s Development 26-7.
Ireland Men’s 7s International Invitational Results
Pool D
Ireland 45-0 Russia
Ireland 39-5 ASC Dukla
Ireland 26-7 France Development

Friday 1st December
Ireland 31-5 French Military
Ireland 38-7 Froggies Midi Olympique
Ireland 28-21 South Africa Academy
Credit: Sam O’Byrne/IRFU

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