With how powerful and popular Paypal has become across the world, many UK online casino players have come to use it in different areas of their lives. Whether it’s to pay for goods and services or to send money to a friend or a relative, Paypal is a secure platform for the transfer of money. Because of its safety rating and ease of use, many players prefer casinos that accept Paypal as a valid site to use for depositing and withdrawing money. However, not all casinos accept Paypal, and so for those players who only use Paypal, they may feel a bit at a loss of how to send and receive any money they earn at their casino of choice. To make sure that players aren’t stuck trying to figure out how to withdraw their earnings, here’s a list of online casinos that do accept Paypal.
1. Luxury Casino
With a 1,000 pound bonus, it can be clear why many players love to play the games provided by Luxury Casino. However, besides that massive bonus, Luxury Casino also has the ability to utilize Paypal for a player’s money transfers. Besides their ease of use when it comes to transferring money, Luxury Casino has made a name for itself in ensuring that their site is safe to use. They also regularly update their site, so players can receive bonuses and promotions frequently. In addition, they also offer a gaming loyalty program that comes with even more perks and features for players who just love to game.
2. Prospect Hall Casino
For gamers who aren’t interested in downloading a game but just want to get right into the adventure, Prospect Hall Casino is the perfect selection. They offer a 300-pound bonus and players can essentially start playing as soon as they access the site. Money transfers include Paypal as well as an assortment of other deposit methods. They also offer a sign-up bonus that includes the 300-pound bonus with 100 free spins. Now is as good a time as any to rake in those bonuses, play with ease, and be able to deposit one’s money with ease and peace of mind.
3. Grand Mondial Casino
Besides being able to use Paypal to deposit one’s money, Grand Mondial Casino has a powerful bonus for its players. By depositing ten pounds, they give you a match bonus that equates to 150 free spins on their Mega Moolah Progressive Slot. One can earn some serious cash on this slot machine, so any free spin is well worth it. They also offer a massive 2,500-pound deposit to use for spins and playing their large database of games. With over 500 games to play, there is plenty of fun and time to be spent here.
Deposit And Go!
All of these casinos offer Paypal as a route for depositing money. Players can safely add in their money and start their fun immediately.