UEFA have announced that it will increase UEFA Nations League payments for the current tournament which began in September.
It basically will mean an increase of 50% in terms of a solidarity fee which each of the 55 nations and associations will get for competing in the UEFA Nations League tournament. In terms of funding the FAI will receive from this it will be 500,000 euro, which will be added to the 1 million the FAI are also due to pick up. There is a bonus for the table toppers in each of the leagues A, B, C and D. The countries that finish top of their respective tables in the above leagues will receive an additional 500,000 euro, however at present it looking like Ireland will not be in receipt of this as they have lost one game already.
The UEFA Executive Committee has said the prize money increase was possible due to its stable and solid financial situation. They went on to say that it was helped in part by earnings from UEFA Euro 2016 been set aside for future investment.
Ireland have a big couple days ahead of them as they play Denmark and Wales in the space of 3 days. Martin O’Neill will be hoping his side can put in two credible performances and get two wins under their belt. If Ireland were to lose the two games then O’Neills future as Ireland boss is sure to come under the spotlight. It promises to be an exciting few days for Irish soccer fans who will have two home games to attend in the coming days.