ESports is struggling in the UK according to a report called Just A Game which was published by YouGov. The report found that only 7% of 4 million British people surveyed have watched ESports. In comparison to us here in Ireland it has really taken off, with the Games Expo Ireland probably adding interest to that. That was last November. This added massive interest and featured a lot of competitions in games such as FIFA 18, Street Fighter V and Rocket League.
There is also an Irish ESTARS League which is sponsored by Three. It is been on the game League of Legends, a strategy game. Regional events will take place before the final tournament will take place in the 3 Arena in May. The winning side will get a cash prize of 20,000 euro so it is well worth it. Again when you compare the UK to such countries as Ireland there seems to be little interest towards egaming, indeed 12% of American’s have tuned in to watch esports, while 11% have tuned in Germany. The Chinese seem to be the country that like esports the most with an astonishing 45% of the population having watched esports according to the YouGov report.
There English government may have to increase the internet speeds if esports were to increase. Like when you think of it how can the British public compete in these games if the streams are lagging and not good quality compared to their counterparts. Some of the statistics linking internet speeds can be linked to teams finishing well in the esports gaming scene, for example Netherlands, Sweden, Finland, Switzerland, Norway and Denmark all ranked in the top 12 in terms of internet speeds and these countries all typically dominate the European stage when its comes to winning in esports. UK are 15th in terms of it but in fairness they should be up in the top given the size of the country.
Irish players seem to have a bigger interest in egaming. Indeed Jordan Crowley currently heads the Irish standings for the highest Irish man in terms of earning of over 205,000.  He is ranked first in Ireland and 421 worldwide according to the official standings on In comparsion the best British egamer is Spencer Ealing who sits top the UK charts and is ranked 325th in the World and has brought in over 320,000 dollars according to the esports earning site. Yes, this statistic reads that the UK player is ranked higher but in terms of overall scoring in 2018, the UK are ranked down in 16th place with prize money of just over 2 million dollars and 499 players, while the country in first the USA have 2472 players and prize money of close to 25 millions over 10 times the amount. Ireland are 53rd in the table but considering the size of our population that is pretty good all things considering.
If you like your esports there are events taking place next month such as the Dublin Games Festival on the 24th of November at Dublin’s RDS Arena.